Bereavement Clearances

It can be very hard when a friend or relative passes away, at such a difficult time you will need a company that you can trust to offer personal and bespoke bereavement clearances. 

We understand how distressing it can be to have to deal with the house clearance, all are polite and will deal with the clearance in a professional manner. 

We specialize in carrying out this type of service and we aim to be fully flexible to suit your needs during this difficult time. We are available to collect the keys from you, an estate agent, solicitors or family member to make sure the clearance runs as smoothly as possible. 

We will dispose of all items that we are instructed to and will put any items aside that you want to keep, that you have not removed before our removal specialists arrive at the premises.  

Our manager will always be on site during a clearance to put aside any personal effects such as ID, Photos, Personal Paperwork or any other items that may be of monetary or sentimental value. 

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